Keep Growing Daily Note Pad

Keep Growing Daily Note Pad

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Self growth Productivity Note Pad

If you're a student, worker bee, business owner, this one is for you. Whilst focusing on your mental health, and self care, there is more space to plan your day, and plan out in depth what your intentions are. 

Get inspired to set clear intentions with each day.

Notepad Details:

- 50 Sheets per pad

- 5” x 7” - 20lb Paper

- 150lb board backing (not as tough as cardboard, so very easy to move around + lighter overall weight)

- A place to write out your day, either classes, work, or activities!!

- A space to write out how you’ll take care of your mind and body.

- Notes section for anything else you need to write.

- Write out your intention for the day, whether it’s an affirmation you are focusing on, a goal you want to make a priority etc.

- A place for your priorities and lists